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Water is transparent gold and a life-giving element. To us, water is the high road that leads the way towards the quality of a taste whichis entirely sourced locally. Most of the water which is used for our BirraSalento’s treasures come from the Pietra del Pertusillo lake, right at the heart of the Basilicata region, where the river caresses the rocks at more than 500m a.s.l. What is left comes out of the subsoil in Leverano: it is clean water spring, which flows to the brewery directly from our well.
Raw materials need to be taken care of, softened, modeled: mineral salts, magnesium, chloride and sulphatecontribute to the characterizing bitterness of hops, and leave a trace on the ph level as well. Throughout the production phase, the water quality influences brewing and filtering, witheach beer requiring an attentive and different water quality treatment method. Water softeners and de-metalizing machines go hand in hand with our unique ideas.



Our barley grows at the side of wine rows and olive trees and smells like the unique lands of our region, Salento. Thanks to a long research by the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technology at the University of Salento, two local crops have been identified: concerto and odissey, which both reach excellent malt quality levels if they are grown in respect of the local seasonal changes and precipitation levels. Studying the reactions of the crop in terms of precociousness of ripening, sensitivity to diseases, lodging and physiological parameters, and linking them to the production process, took three years. Today, barley germinates exactly at the right time and is toasted depending on the malt type. 



A marriage of scents and fragrances will be made when His Majesty the hop embraces the brew to produce a unique taste. A delicious aroma and a refreshing bitterness lie there, in the magic wand which was dear to the ancient Egyptians. Selected with care in the main production areas in Italy, hops give different shades of taste to each one of our brewing artwork, also acting as a natural preservative to guarantee balance and preserve the beer unique organoleptic characteristics.



Here it is, the odorous and pregnant trail that with closed eyes leads to Mediterranean scrub and wild gardens. Thymus, myrtle, chilli, tomatoes, wild fennel, pepper, herbs of distant times tease the nose and the thoughts of the beer masters.
The search is a spell and a slow journey away from the sea and the inland, to the rediscovery of the poorest ingredients and secrets of the grandparents' tables, the only ones that can give you tastes and touches lost. Every single spice debuts, protagonist, in the finishing of the Birrasalento nectars, giving that extra touch that tickles the palates.

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